Would your love last with this guy?

Hey, ladies would you like to stick with this relationship until the end of time? Say that you fell in love with this gentleman; he is very sweet and charming. With a couple of dates you get to know him until you decide to tie the knot. After the big day, you get a great start with life. After a few years, you have children. Also, you notes something strange with this marriage, he seems like he doesn't seem to age. Would you confront him this this suspicion. If you do, he tells the truth about himself; he's been living over the centuries; he is old as Plato. Over the centurues, he fought in every war, married, and worked. What is your decision at this point.


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  • If he was a vampire yesss my love would last. I would ask him to turn me into one so we could spent eternity together.

    • He's not a vampire; he will give an elixir that he perfected over the years that stops you from getting older.

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    • He sounds like an asshole anyway

    • He stays with you. He is currently fighting in another conflict

  • I love vampires :)

  • Probably a vampire


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