Asking a girl out on Valentine's day?

There is this girl in my class (actually more than one girl) who I am attracted to, but one of them I am not to sure what is going on with her. My thing is that I hate being so undecisive, because I feel like I am going to end up by myself. At the same time I don't want to end up picking the wrong one, or possibly messing it up with either one for whatever. If I choose one and she happens to say "yes," then it might put a label on it. Then when I don't ask the other girl out she might lose interest (well I have kind of waited long anyway, because I am still trying to figure her out and where I stand with her). I just very unsure about this situation and need advice.


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  • Well you have to decide who is the one, if you cannot then probably both of them are not the one for you. To love is akin to taking a risk, there is always chance for it to succeed or fail. There is no such thing as 'backup'. If you really like the girl, go for it. But do not ask girls out on valentine just because you are lonely and want someone to hang out with.

    Having said that, there are times where you do not know the girl well enough to make a decision, which I think is the most likely scenario that you are facing now. If this is the case, then you may want to hang around with the girl in a group, like with your or her friends, casually first. Or just hang out with her in a more casual setting instead of asking her for a date. In this way you do not put a 'label', and at the same time you can get to know the girls better first.

  • I can't see this ending well.