The doubts you feel in a relationship?

So I'm dating this guy for 3 weeks now
And he has already said he loves me... I haven't said it.. not planning to
we have done it once
And he says he's here for me always

But right now I'm having a real family problem and he was over when there was fighting and he left
Said he was uncomfortable
I was crying and he left
Then he texted me saying I care and stuff and then that he's not a big kisser
But he loves kissing me so I don't know what that is about
And then he called me.. and i was explaining why I was upset and he's like oh ok I'm gonna go to bed
Sometimes views messages and doesn't reply
He doesn't care does he
But he's always buying me roses and chocolates and stuff
I think he blabs stuff as well
He brings up a friend of mine a lot
That he saw her

Do you think he's using me


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  • I would say he is very imature! If he did realy care and love you like he says. He would be there for you and not blow you off. He probably did feel uncomfortable bout fighting going on at your house. And didn't want to be part of that. He should have tried to take you outa that situation then


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