We both like each other but his friends are the only problem, please help?

Hi guys. So me and this boy let's call him T me and T like each other and I'd love to fo out with him but I'm keeping my distance because i really don't trust his friends. He hangs out with these two girls and three boys i do get a long with all of them but one of the girls secretly hates me, we don't like each othrr but we're civilised, however she's the biggest mouth that i know she loves spreading rumours and she will put him off me when she finds out we're talking. Another problem is another one of his friends from the boys he's another big mouth the last time me and T were talking I told him one of my biggest secrets and he told the boy and he went to tell other people. I do understand sometimes you feel like you need to discuss things with your friends but his friends are the worst. I really do like him but i really don't trust them. Now i don't know what to do please help, what should i do?


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  • Try to hang out with him when he is not with them like after school if T really likes you back he will understand why you don't want to be near them.


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