Are these signs he doesn't want to see me again?

We had a good day together, he bought me a rose and had indoor picnic with me due to bad weather, when we at his place I asked him to take a photo of me and the rose, he goes is this pic ok? it has my clothes in the backgroun. I said mm i don't mind is that a bad thing? He goes just in case... I asked what do you mean? he goes if it was my mom she doesn't like anything in background.

Then he took me to see his team sports where he was holding hands wtih me in front of his people.

Afterwards we had dinner together at his place he ordered delivery, when he drove me home I realized I left something there. He said I can keep it in my car and bring it to you at work. I said it's ok traffic to work is nightmare. I don't want you to drive for this, but always good to see you. He smiled but didn't say anything.

When we arrived my street he asked if I want him to walk me to the door. I said I won't say no. He walked me up, kissed my face, neck, shoulder and hand. I said thank you i had a great Valentine's day. He said happy Valentine's day and kissed me agian. He didn't say me too.. then he kissed my hand and said bye. I said bye too.. then havent' heard from him no goodnight text.


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  • What is the problem here? The guy is acting like a boyfriend already.


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  • I am Not Seeing any Sure Signs of Even Taking a Break, He has Shown you a Good Valentine's Time Down the Fine Female Line with his Great Taste. With his Kisses and Good Wishes, 'Bought me arose and had an indoor picnic,' Things seem Mighty Fine like Red wine and just Relax... His Good-byes came in sweet caresses at the door so No More... Was Needed in a text.
    He may have thought as well that you wanted the bowl back so don't overthink it... This is what I am thinking.
    Continue what you have going and flowing, you are doing just 'Fine.' He is still on board and Not Bored... He wants you probably even for Next Valentine's Day with maybe even more than a "Hey."
    Good luck. xxoo

    • Thanks Hun. I guess the good with flowing is less pressure but the bad is uncertainty especially when he left me once.

      Yes his goodbye was really sweet. Oh I love everything about him. I just hope I didn't come across as clingy when I say I don't want you to drive all he way to work but always good to see and hug you *facepalm*

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    • ok xo

    • :)) xxoo

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  • Sounds to me like maybe he got busy with something after he left. I wouldn't read into it too much. All the other things he did show to me that he must be interested in you. A guy who is interested wouldn't go out of his way to spend Valentines day with you. Trust me on this one!

    • He probably is busy, he didn't text me at all but he's been liking stuff on my wall. Probably his way to communicate. Agree with guys will only spend Vday with you if they are interested in more than just physical ways.

  • Jesus, you need to chill.

  • hmmm but why?

    • cos he didn't say I have a good time too?

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    • Hmm... Im not sure..:) but you shouldn't think too much about that :) you should think yourself today what you do :) spend time with yourself today and forget him for one day :)

    • We had a great time together. I guess I overthink a little bit

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