Confusion, please help?

It's hard to explain.
I've been on a couple dates with someone, and they are a joy to be with.
I would say they are definitely attractive, not stunning, but attractive.
The problem is I am not sure I myself are attracted to them, I've been more attracted to physically less so I am really confused within myself.
Has this happened with anyone else?
Could it be my instincts guiding me in another direction for some unknown reason?
I just don't picture her sexually yet? And pretty much I can picture everything else within 5 minutes...
I am so confused


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What Girls Said 2

  • You should go away both of them. you need to think relaxing and comfortable

  • Maybe it's cause you respect her so much that your use to being so modest around her and now it effects your thoughts of her. I don't know tho just guessing

    • That's a good point, I did decide to take things a little slower with her just because she seems to have some qualities that make her stand out from the rest a little...
      Maybe I just need to man up a little more

What Guys Said 1

  • If you are confused then its not a good sign. 😁

    • I know, like if it's right for you, you should be at peace yeah?

    • You should feel attracted and not find a reason to fake it. Sometimes you just think a girl is like really great and good looking but just not your type. If it isn't feeling right then maybe you should just let her go unless you feel like it could work out.

    • At your age, that's really mature 👍👍

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