Do you ever think your own imperfections can be a shield so you don't have to deal with the opposite sex? Isn't saying "I'm ugly" or "I'm fat" easier?

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  • I can defniitely agree with you. I'm a bigger girl, and oftentimes I will not believe guys when they ask me out on a date. When I was in high school, I rejected this guy I really liked because I thought that the only reason he wanted to date me was because he was playing a joke on me.

    I didn't want any more humiliation than I was already getting from people there. So I said no, and I felt so bad after. I could see that he really liked me. It wasn't that I didn't like him. I really did like him. But he was super good looking and I just could not believe he would be into me.

    I try to have a more open mind now. I realize that sometimes people are attracted to you for different reasons. So I try to keep that in mind and give people chances. But that self-consciousness still haunts me today. I still find myself doubting why guys would even be interested in me at times.

    For instance, last week I got a message (I online date) from a really cute guy. I couldn't believe he was messaging me. I immediately thought that he must be after me for money or something. Which is really sad that I would even think that way. But I do sometimes.

    But I'm trying to give him a chance.