What if a girlfriend lets her way go and become ugly?

Hell. Even at married level it scares me. I would motivate her to comeback.

Here's the problem. She's still the same person. I still love her for the inside even though letting yourself go counts as part of changes in personality. Like if I stop lifting I would have to be a less determined or more lazy person than I was before, changing my personality, my life motivation reducing in general.

I don't mind girls cutting their hair to medium-short (kind of like Selena Gomez did once). If she became bold for a cause it wouldn't hurt as long she wants to grow it back. If she gets acne I wouldn't leave her since I am still going through that for 7 years. Not if she gets cancer. All those things aren't her fault. She can stop wearing make up. I actually prefer her not to.

Now things like she becoming fat, getting too many tattoes, piercings, becoming too muscular etc.
I can't deal with it. I feel so scared of leaving her and I feel bad inside if I do but I just feel like I have to.

All those things become really unattractive for me. I want to feel I want to touch my girlfriend. Like I get excited just by looking at her. I wouldn't date an ugly girl for the same reason but I mean for everything I accept that happens to her because it wasn't her fault. I kind of balance that. That ugly girl will find an ugly guy and probably will be attracted to each other which is important.

I'm still not sure if I would accept hair color change to blue, orange, green... those colors. I would have to see it.


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  • I feel you. Call me shallow but you do have a point. Just because you get married it doesn't mean that you can stop caring about your looks completely.. Or become lazy.

    • Well I don't want to feel unattractive to her. It's nothing I can convince myself after I already know her.

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