Guys perspective: asking a girl to hang out, friends or something else?

here's the story. One morning I was sitting in Monday lecture and I was going through my messages on facebook. I was looking over some messages that I had ignored. I was bored so I thought replying to this message from a guy, who I known from high school, would be amusing and it was months that I never replied back. So I thought why not? Anyway, I replied back with a funny looking emoji, and instantly he messaged me back and he said "lets hang out". Later on, I ended up meeting him and his friend, who is also my friend, at our campus and we just talked and chilled. They walked me to my next class and I said "see you guys later". I was in class when I got another message from that guy and he asked for my number. The next day we hung out again, also with our other friend. Then later in the week, he texted me lets hang out, it was last minute, and we ended up exploring the city, and having a good time. We took pictures together, and we both posted them on each others profile. So the next day everyone was asking who is this guy, are we dating, blah blah blah. All I said was we were friends hanging out. From my perspective, I saw that he's only interested in being friends! Which I'm perfectly fine because I never saw us hanging out with any romantic interest or anything. I will acknowledge that he's a cute guy. But he didn't make any moves the night we hung out. Now its been 2 weeks and we casually text a couple times, and then a few nights ago he asked me to hang out again. I'm totally up for it because he's a cool guy to hang with, and I like being friends with him. But my question is, if a guy asked to hang out, is it because he truly wants to be friends or there might be something else? Help me out here guys!


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  • So if anyone saw me and my crush hanging out would they ask her if we were dating?

    I mean, my other half-crush sits next to me every class, and we also do every project/partner thing together. Then we walk out together etc. So this other girl in my class asked me if we "have something going on between us."


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