Why can't I get into these group of friends?

they are all friends that have known each other for years and i just come in and nobody cares to even include me. im left out, i try to start convos but they ignore me, but everywhere else, like at work and stuff, everyone loves me and wants to talk to me. what am i doing wrong?


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  • You are not doing anything wrong other than... Wasting time that your going to look back at and wonder, why did I even try? I am awesome and i deserve to be treated like I am at work and I don't need to have attention from these people to think I'm doing something right. Nonono you don't need those type of people in your life. Not necessarily bad people, but
    Maybe they just don't connect with you or maybe you just don't connect with them! Hang out with the people like the ones from work more

    • i just dont understand why im treated like a king at work, and the group looks at me like a pussy.

    • Because I told you why. are they being ass holes?

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  • So you're trying to force yourself into a group of friends who have been close for many years, and you want to just walk in and instantly be part of the group?
    That doesn't seem like a good approach for sure. Why do you want to be in their group so badly? Why not find friends of your own and build strong friendships naturally?

    One option for you if you want to get in with this group is to find someone in the group who you have things in common with, and work on creating a friendship with just that one person in the group. If he/she gets to know you and you become friends, then they might bring you in to their circle of friends, rather than you trying to force your way in.

    • Thats exactly what i've been doing! but they all take notice of that, and say "Oh, your never here unless he's here." they all know that im only there if that one friend is there. but i like what your saying.

    • Well then why the hell do you want to be with those people if they clearly aren't interested in being around you?

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