Huge turn off the other gender do?

So iam kinda picky can't help it, its just me but i have few things that turn me off and iam sure some guys dont like these stuff too, and iam also interested in what girls hate about guys that they do frequently.

1- Smoking: you've seen it coming, yes i can't stand girls who smoke it shows they dont care about their own health, their own body or my health if they are willing to get near with smokes ( also it makes you age fast)

2- Drinking energy drinks: I hate energy drinks, the taste, the huge amount of caffien and its generally smells and tastes bad and girls who like it and drink lots of it kinda make me think twice, cause if they are ready to consume something so unhealthy that tastes like urine... I don't know

3- talking to too many guys and having close guy friends: talking to guys is fine, asking for something is fine, doing your homework with a little help from someone is fine, texting day and night is not, hangoing out with guys is not, call me sexiest, call me old fashioned i hate when girls do this and expect a decet guy who will let her do it while with him, while you have the right to do it i have the right to look the other way and ignore getting with you, no offense just to make things clear... you can't control the consequences of your actions.

4- users: we are both guilty of this i admit but girls take it to a whole new level by using guys who show interest in them... why i hate it? it shows you crave attention so much and you have not concept of right and wrong.

5- games: I get it you like to play mind games, and i dont mind to break that small barrier of yours but when you are playing way too many girls and attempting to make me feel bad or guilty iam gone, i truly have no patience and would leave without looking back i can easily deatch myself.


6-too reavealing clothes: Tight jeans are fine, tights is fine, a tank top is cool, shorts once in a while are cool, but when i can see your breast and ass you're no girlfriend material ( if i wasn't looking for a girlfriend though feel free to wear that :) )

This is my personaly opinion regarding these issues you are free to agree or diasagree or even attack me if you would like to, but i want to hear yours as well.


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  • congratulations. You are normal

    • i would like to hear yours

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    • Oh and judgmental. Not even towards me others, that's a condescending (oh god sorry for my English ) person

    • yeah pretty much i dislike too

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  • Their bitchy attitude is a huge turn off... and the fact that they want to use you as a cash-machine, a human shield etc...