How much does inteagence have to do with attraction?

I have a 125 iq I ovously don't know everything like I don't know how to spell and I'm bad with grammer so bare with me. I have noticed in the past that stupidity is unattractive and yet most women I have meat in my age group are stupid as shit hell I've know this chick who got punched in the face by her boyfriend and said she wish he had a guy like me ( going through my mind right here I'm single and yet you stay is an abusive boyfriend) my X girlfriend was stupid yelled at me for spanking my dog for peeing in the couch that's how you potty train a dog that's probley why he pees now cuz I'd spank him and she would yell at me and then cuddle with him saying he's a good dog ok. That stupid

I know women arnt stupid as a hole ( I hope) but somthing about stupid make me mad

so does iq have anything to do with attraction or am I just screw going to stupid people

yes I'm 22 yes all women my age are stupid it seams in my exsperance but when they get 30+ they seam to be smarter but I'm not trying to wait tell I'm 30 to get into a relationship I want kids out of the house by I turn 50 so I can climb Everest or somthing like that

I'm also highly dislexic AKA I not a visual learner aka not good at spelling and grammer all auditory learners are bad at spelling and grammer


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  • What? How can you even say that women your age are stupid when you can not get through a sentence without a spelling error. Not to be condescending but this looks like a 8 year old typed this.


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  • -misspells "intelligence" in title
    -lacks attention to detail
    -mediocre grammar
    -claims to have 125 IQ

    just lol

    Guess that silly online/facebook IQ test you took wasn't very accurate.


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  • Really depends on what your looking for but intelligence does play a factor, I can't carry a conversation with someone not on my level so it would annoy me

  • No matter how bad you are, you always find someone to complement you.