What to expect on a first date with a guy over dinner and a movie as an adult?

Im going on a first date with a guy to the movies. Im mentally prepared for anything, but as an adult do most first dates at the movies end up in making out? or is it just soley watching the movie and not even touching each other? Personally I would feel weird to make any kind of move even touching hands. If he did I wouldn't mind if I liked him, but I have never been to the moives on a first date. I have had two boyfriends before, but we usually have gone to the movies when we have already kissed before and touched hands. I never in fact even made out with a guy at the movies. Usually we have held hands while just watching. I know if the guy picks a seat towards the back thats somewhat a clue. Is this something teenagers only do? Also, is it weird to make out on the first date? The first boyfriend I had was the first date I ever went on and our first kiss was he just kissed me good night (one kiss). The second boyfriend and I ending up kissing while watching a movie together in my dorm at college. Im not good at reading signals because I thought it was just going to be one kiss since thats what i though happens the first time two people kiss on a date, but I felt awkward because i realized the situation called for making out and it turned into him thinking I didn't want to keep kissing him like he wanted to. Fortunately it worked out and we later became a couple, but I later now realize it would be weird to kiss and then suddenly go back to watching the movie without saying anything. So to me it seems like if you are going to have your first kiss at the movies it would be making out am I right? Answering all questions in the paragraph are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Just found out its his birthday that day. But he doesn't know I know.


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  • I don't think movies are a good first or even third date because it limits conversation. It's ok to make out on the first date. As for your other questions you don't have to do or let him do anything you aren't comfortable with


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