Guys, what does hand holding mean to you?

Last night I went out with a guy on a second date. I hadn't been sure if I liked him or not but I was warming up a lot as the night went in. We went to his place to watch a movie and after like a 45 minutes if slowly getting closer and giving him more of my weight, he finally took my hand. After that, he didn't let go until the end of the movie and sometimes he would kind of rub my fingers with his and stuff.

does this mean he's into me? Why would you hold a girls hand?


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  • It shows me that she wants to be with me. That she likes/loves me. It shows other people that we are a couple who love each other.

    I also hold hands two different ways. Like if I am holding a friends hand I will clasp her hand. But if I am in a relationship with someone then I will interlock my fingers with theirs. To me it means more to interlock cause it's a sign to them of what I am doing with my life, and ultimately my heart.

    Is that the answer you were looking for? Ask me anything in the reply.


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  • I'd hold a girls hand if I were really into her, and it's to make the girl feel like I'm protecting her.


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  • It's a sign of closure and affection.