How do I be a good boyfriend?

I like this Filipino girl in my college and will take a risk in asking her out. I will ask her out, but I have a few questions.

1. How to ask her out in math class if she is focused on her grade? Also, Indian guys are perceived as creepy, so how do i approach her?
2. How can I gauge her interest at a date?
3. What are some good ideas for a date as a college student?
4. How do we lead to intimacy (sex, relationships)?
5. How do i be a good boyfriend to her? I'm kind (nice but not too nice) and loyal, but not too masculine.
6. She is a nerdy Asian, so will being a semi nerdy (studious, but I socialize and hit the gym) Indian guy harm me?
7. How to flirt with her?


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  • I have had sex with MANY Filipina girls, including college students, nurses, actresses, professional models, professional dancers (the kind on tv, not strippers), business owners, etc. They are by far the most eager to have sex of any ethnic group.

    1. Smile, ask, "Would you like to meet up for coffee later? You seem really nice and I would like us to get to know each other a little."
    If you are ethnic Indian, then I have no idea what she will think. Filipinas have a thing for white guys going back 400 years (read Magellan's ships' logs about the interaction of the European with the local women). Their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and cousins push them into marrying white guys so "you will have good looking mestizo babies". It is going to be hit or miss with being Indian. There are some good looking and smart Indian dudes, so I wouldn't dismiss it.

    2. If she says yes, then she is interested.

    3. Coffee on a weekend. Just talk, keep the pressure off. Have a list of open ended questions and how you might respond. If your date ends in 20 minutes, it is a bust. If it goes on into dinner (have the, hey, it is getting time to eat, would you like to go to ___ with me?

    4. If your talking goes on for more than two hours and you two are fully engaged, she will have sex with you. She might back out at the first date, but not the second if you know how to play a woman's fiddle.

    5. Be rich. Or at a minimum, have her clue into how you will become rich without your having to tell her.

    6. I have had sex with MANY nerdy Asian girls. They are often overlooked by the players, even though they are just as eager to get it on as anyone else.

    7. Make her laugh, but don't be obvious about it.

    • What if I'm not rich, but am studying for a STEM degree?

      and we're college students. We are not ready for kids yet. just to mess around.

    • How are you going to become rich?

      if you are a EE and have zero money now, you can be a millionaire by the time you are 45.

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