She is giving me the cold shoulder, what can I do to fix it?

Recently started dating this great girl. I've always kept in contact never ignored her before but the other day I went out with friends to watch a few matches. She had sent a reply to a message I had sent on WhatsApp in the morning. I never checked the message until about midnight. Now I knew the message was there but I was out.

Anyway I text her saying sorry. She said no worries. I tried making conversation but I was getting one word responses. She's giving me the cold shoulder and its really unlike her. I think I might have hurt her feelings and if I knew , she'd be this upset I wouldn't have done it.

Any advice on how to fix it? How do you get a upset woman to forgive you?


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  • You should have replied it wouldn't have took you 2 seconds. If you're serious about her I'd advise you to send some flowers and start groveling.


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  • Don't encourage passive aggressive behavior.
    You've said you're sorry. You've offered to make amends. Now she's just being a bitch. Dump her ass, and get a woman instead of a petulant little girl.