Ex downplays EVERYTHING to me? Somebody just read and help please?

Now, I don't have him on Facebook, but my best friend still does for some reason, so she can see what he posts.

For instance, he'll post about how 'great it is to be going on holiday from work and start drinking so early on before heading to a party' that exact same day, I ran into him and he started banging on about how he 'really couldn't be bothered with the party' and how he 'wouldn't enjoy himself' despite posting that on his Facebook.

Other instances are, he'll clearly exhibit interest in this girl over Facebook eg liking get pictures and statuses. But then, when I ask if he's moved on he'll get angry and go 'there is no girl 😡' despite the fact my friend can see him liking all these things on social media.

As for holidays, he will always just tell me 'how bored he was' and how he 'did literally nothing' apart from see a few friends when I know for a fact he's likely been up to much more.

Just don't get what's with the dishonesty? He was never like this before.

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  • He probably still has feelings for you and doesn't want you to think he's completely moved on
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