Girls, Why do girls do this?

Sort of thing that happens quite often but might only just be me. I met a nice attractive girl at a cafe/party, we hit it off well. It then transpires to texting/messaging where we're having good conversation and I'm keeping it chilled not sending multiple messages or anything needy and she still seems interested. I then ask her out and she says sure but I'll let you know or cancels. I then think she wasn't as interested as I thought. But she keeps the convo going then I ask again later and she does something similar. Then I stop and move on as its not going anywhere. Then in the future I might see them again, but have lost interest and will be speaking to other people instead. But still will be mutually friendly if she wants a chat, but then I get her friends coming up saying she wants to speak to you or she's upset that your not talking to her. Which by then my interest is gone and i'm probably interested in someone else and think tough shit, you should of said yes when you had the chance. Why are girls like this, find it abit childish to be honest, any advice? Are they expecting me to be persistent or am I just some secondary option.


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  • It could be any multiple reasons. If you've already met in person, and she keeps in touch. It could be she likes you but you aren't her number 1 option. Doesn't mean she doesn't find you attractive or nice but just that someone else either got her attention more. It could very well be that the guy who has her attention more is an idiot and might not even be as attractive or nice as you but something about them has got her attention. Or maybe she really likes chatting with you but doesn't want to go out on an actual date because she just doesn't want to date.

    • Thanks for your answer. That makes sense.

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