As a young professional, why is it so hard to find a girl?

Long story short, I've been browsing Tinder every so often and it's like all of the attractive girls say they're basically looking for hippies, thug, and dude bro types, and its like wow, well I guess I'm not "good enough" for you then!

It must not matter that I get up and get to work at 8 everyday and work 40+ hour weeks and make good money, while your hippy dude bro boyfriend barely gets by and gets blazed out on the couch every night! lol

It would really be cool to meet an attractive girl with the right priorities.

One thing though is that I don't feel like spending money just to use a website.


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  • Don't use the internet as your sole basis of finding people to date. Doesn't matter if it's a free or paid site.

    Also, those girls are clearly not compatible with you. Try to meet people that are, instead of loathing about why these specific girls don't like you.

    • It's just one of those things where those girls could be so much more appealing if they just got their head on straight. lol

    • True. But there ARE girls out here who already have their heads on straight. They might not be the types of girls that you usually go after, so you need to search them out & look for different things.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • sort of sad you have to inflate your struggling ego by saying you're better than other jobs because you have... a fulltime job? and that you're effectively doing to these " good lookin girls " what you're doing to the not good looking ones - passing over whoever doesn't interest you

    news flash - tinder is delegated to those with top facial asthetics and a way with words - you'll struggle pulling anything there, especially a consistent relationship since people are only really judging you on your appearance.

    Id recommend making a dating account like okcupid or something, thats the only one I've used / had good results with / friends too. also, meet these girls where you do hobbies, places you go for fun, etc, try to pick up girls there like gym, rec center, etc


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  • My advice to you would be that - Dump Tinder as fast as you can. I've had nothing but not so great things about it. People call it a pick up joint.

    I've never been on tinder, but have been on other dating websites. I would recommend either match or okcupid if looking to increase your chances of meeting a quality girl. Match would probably be the better of the 2.

    Good Luck!

  • Match. com is better for young professionals, in my opinion. I used it a few years back and almost everyone was in that category,

    • Also, girls who want hippies are usually hippies, girls who want drug dealers are usually druggies and girls who want douches are usually douchettes. It's not that you aren't "good enough" ... It's that like seeks like a lot of times.

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  • Maybe, just maybe, Tinder isn't the right place to meet those girls. How about dating sites geared more towards real mature relationships rather than quick hookups?
    Just an idea :-)

    • Tinder works for some people though, like I actually know people where it's worked for them, or seems to be. lol

    • Yeah you might also meet the perfect woman in a crowded bar, but your odds of success are much higher elsewhere. Are these other people the professional types looking for a more serious relationship as well, or are they more like the types of guys you described in your first post?

    • Well one of them is a co-worker and he seems to have done well with it with the current girl he's dating. I don't know what he's like or what he's really looking for, but it worked for him.

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