Should I tell this guy I met online for our first date to lie that we met in college in case my mom asks since we technically did happen to meet once?

Im currently on a dating app where I came across a guy who I actually met once in person at college, but we ended up connecting through this app and we have been texting now for three weeks and finally we have set up a date next week, but i live at home with my parents and he is going to come pick me up at my house. My mom is not too thrilled with the idea of me being on dating apps so I just told her I know him from college. She is very strict and basiclly wants me to have him pick me up so she can see what he looks like and makes sure he is normal lol. So meeting him at the restaurant is not an option. Im very nervous over the initial hello because I hope he doens't say anything that would seem suspicious to my mom or it looks as if we barely know each other the way we interact in the first entrance into the house. Should I warn the guy or tell him in advance over text that my mom is not too thrilled with dating apps so in case she asks can you just say we met at school? What Im worried about saying this at all is is that im not giving a good impression already that I lie to my parents and also it makes the guy realize that he is going to be meeting my mom and he may get scared and start to think they are strict. But then again he may already realize that of course he is going to meet my parents since he is picking me up? Should I not say anything to him and just say hi how are you in an excited tone and just not make it seem awkward somehow quickly get my things and coat and leave. Would that work? Thanks in advance!


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  • The truth will set you free. Lies will lead to more lies, and eventually you lose you respect.


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