If your long term friend turn to be ur BF/GF how many years to commit to marriage?

Me & My best friend toghether 4 years , now we start to be into love, should we need more years to commit?
We know each other well, We used to watch movies together, we are virgin between, many girls attracted to him, so we didn't notice each other early


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  • Yes. Being friends and being potential mates are two different states of mind. You need to begin dating one another. Please, PLEASE. Do not have sex before your honeymoon, you risk losing everything. Do not pay him before he has done the work. You may be compatible, there is a good chance of it, but then again, you may not be. Please, take your time. Date as potential life mates for another year or two. Delve down deep into his soul, and let him see your heart for what it is. Get to know one another on a deeper level. Avoid making out. Then fuck each others brains out on your honeymoon, let it be the beginning of something beautiful.

    • Yeah we both share same value that sex after marriage. Thanks for reminder I want our marriage to be more action & excited. If we make out now it will feel No need for marriage. Many girls around him but I'm surprised he picked me

    • Be worthy of his love. Be feminine, be yourself. Be selflessly devoted to him, even if he hurts you, and he will always be there for you.

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  • Hmm... Well, I was friends with my partner for four years. We've now been together for four years. I wouldn't have considered marrying him until we'd been together, though that was also partly because of our age. But just generally, I wouldn't marry someone until we'd been together and had been happy for two years.


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