He said i'm like a drug and he's addicted to me , should I be worried?

I've only seen him 3 times and we slept with each other on the 3rd date , during sex he said it more than once that i'm like a drug and he's addicted to me , like im flattered but im a bit worried that he could be a bit crazy?
he has been acting cool like text me a reasonable amount and not needy at all but iv noticed that he seems to want to see me almost everyday weve seen each other 3 times within a week and i like him and attracted to him too.

should i be worried or im overthinking?


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  • He might be building an emotional attachment to you because y'all had sex. You should be a little bit worried if you aren't looking for a guy to build an emotional attachment with.


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  • Hell ya make sure doesn't try to smoke ya!


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