Do you think my crude jokes ruined my chances with my first date?

There is a guy that I had been talking to for about a week. We spoke through text and calls, and finally met up for a first date last Saturday. He did not call me back after that date, so I have been analyzing everything I have said or done to make him possibly not want to call again. So I'm suspecting it's because maybe he thought I wasn't a sexy, classy girl due to my humor on the first date. Personally, I have a crude sense of humor, it's not very PG-13.(Some jokes were about buttholes, some were about gay sex that I heard from a comedian at a stand up show, things like that.) I had even told him this on the phone once while talking.

We had a great date and even kissed. We had great conversation , yet during the date, I admit, I shouldn't have, but I made some crude jokes with him because I had gotten comfortable with him. We were vibing, I thought he was a funny guy and so I felt that making crude jokes would be normal. He even laughed at all of them and didn't make faces or anything showing that he was displeased.

In hindsight, I regret making those types of jokes right away on the first date because maybe he thought I wasn't classy or maybe he thought I was unrefined and not sexy/mysterious.

My friend told me that he should like me for who I am naturally. I agree, but am having doubts that I might have left a not so great impression. What do you guys think? Do you think that this ruined my chances with this guy?


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  • I think it is probably fine

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