Please help answer these questions regarding a crush and how to get a date with him?

So basically my crush makes contact with me a fair bit. When my friend said that he liked me, he said yes he did, but another friend told him I liked him. When she told him he got defensive and told her to stop and be quiet so I'm kind of confused. I want to ask him out, but I'm also scared of rejection so:

1. How should I ask him out without being nervous and fearing rejection?

2. Should I get his number and how do I do so?

3. If I get rejected do you think it would be awkward seeing him everyday?

4. How do I go about asking him to hang out?
5. From what I've said what are your thoughts on whether he likes me or not?


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  • So im guessing he does like you but doesn't want to admit it. I would just get his number first and then try to hang out and stuff. Once you relationship progresses and you have been flirting and stuff then maybe he will ask you out so you dont have to. But if he takes a long time just make it clear thats what you want him to do or just ask him out yourself.

    • Thank you for responding!! And how would you recommend I get his number without coming off as desperate, pushy, or awkward? Or what would be your ideal situation when getting or receiving somebody's number?

    • Just whenever you are hanging out with him just say 'hey you seem really cool. Can j get your number?'

      Just act cool and friendly and it should be fine

    • Ok cool!! Thank you so much!

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