I blew an opportunity with an amazing girl, will I get another?

She'd been one of my closest friends all through last year, In December she'd become increasingly close to me. January comes around and she's practically acting as if she's my girlfriend and I finally couldn't bear the temptation so I kissed her as I left her house one night. She messages me later that night saying she'd broken up with her boyfriend (woops, I didn't realize they were still technically together) and that she WASN'T interested in a relationship with me. I was under the assumption she wanted friends with benefits which at the time I was okay with. She slept over a couple times, and she'd sent me a few suggestive snapchats of herself though I never had sex with her throughout the entire ordeal... I had decided she meant to much to me to start a friends with benefits relationship with, because I'd get attached and I didn't want to lose her. Fast forward to the beginning of this month and it was clear she lost interest. She was using tinder as we were hanging out for starters, and now she's definitely sleeping with another guy. Now she never messages me unless she needs something from me. Likewise, she's been advising me through some rough personal things, but I haven't seen her in two weeks. I miss her closeness.

I moved on. I found another girl who I quickly decided wasn't right for me, and ended that. I'm attempting to date other girls, keep my mind off my friend. She found out I had been seeing another girl and I refused to tell her (or any of my friends for that matter) about the new girl because I wasn't positive I'd keep her around. I told my friend I already cut the ties with the new girl, and she tells me that "I need to loosen up, and go with the flow more", and when I told her I didn't feel things were right so I needed to end it she just says "true..." as if I did something wrong.

I can't tell what this girl wanted from me. Was she just trying to have sex with me or date me? Will I get another opportunity to date her?


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  • Date you... and you might get another opportunity if she likes you as much as you said in your story and she probably only agreed with you because she likes you as in date you and she probably thought the only way to get your attention was like that or she was hoping that you would take some interest to her


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