Is this a friendly thing or what?

This girl and me are cool , I'm trying for us to be more than friends but she doesn't take me serious. Some days we talk and it sounds like we're friends but then some days words are said and it's like friends don't talk like that with each other. Anyways she's asked me to come to her home and cook for her & I'm just like I don't know I'm bad at signs this also isn't her first time inviting me over to her new apt.

what do you guys think?

  • she love me?
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  • she love me not? ( sound like friends)
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  • Sounds like friends

    • Damn that kind of sucks

    • She also asked what I was doing valentines day and I said watching the walking dead and I said hbu and she said nothing unfortunately :(

  • sounds like she is trying to friendzone you

    • Seriously? How?

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    • Yeah she never would answer any of my questions or let me in. But I feel like she finally trusts me to have a conversation and let me in.

    • that sounds like its going good!, just keep trying, if you want a relationship with her it sounds like your on the right track

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