The guy that im talking to has a girlfriend he didn't tell me about. what should I do?

i have talking to this guy for the past year. things were great at first. We are both from the same place but i study at a different state so its a long distance thing for us. but im finishing in another 5 months. He told me he sees us together in the future and that he's waiting for me. Things were great in the beginning. He would call and text me everyday. then suddenly he started distancing himself saying that he had a lot of family problems to deal with. So I left him alone. I found out he tagged himself and another girl in a picture on FB. When i asked him who she was he said that she was just a friend. He started calling calling me again although lesser than before. 2 months have passed since then and we ve been talking off and on and skyping. he told me he can't wait for me to come back home and that he misses me. The weird thing is that i was always available to talk whenever he wanted but he's not doing the same for me. He hardly picks up my calls or he would be on call waiting. But he always denied having a girlfriend. But my instincts were telling me something was off. So I did a lousy thing and snooped into the girl's Fb account and i found out that they are in fact in a relationship. She has pictures of him and her all over her wall. I am hurt and mad that he kept lying to me all the while and i really don't know what i should do.


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  • Leave the guy. Despite what you feel, this guy is bad news.

    Unless you want to feel more pain I suggest you cut off all contact before you get obsessed with him. Let him know that you're not stupid enough to fall for his tricks.

    • you're right. I told him yesterday to stop calling me and to focus on his relationship. He neither denied nor admitted that he was but actually blamed me for being childish when he only called to say that he has not been feeling well for the past 2 weeks and that he couldnt belive i was doing this to him. Like seriously!!! he actually told me to grow up. That was the last straw. Im done with this guy

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  • Tell the girl what happened so she can decide whether or not she wants to still be with him after she hears what has happened.

    You might save her a great deal of pain in the future if she believes you and you might be able to get any answers to questions you have.

    Other than that, tell that horrible boyfriend that you're done with him and not to contact you again and start the moving on process. He sucks and you should be with someone better than that.

    • thanks but i dont think telling the girl is a good idea. I think i should just cut him off which is really hard to do :(

  • I would end things immediately. He's a cheater. Cheaters aren't worth your time. If he'll do that to her, he'll do that to you.