He wants to keep our relationship a secret?

The guy I’m dating at work is mad at me because two coworkers found out he bought me flowers yesterday. One of the coworkers asked him (jokingly) why didn’t you get me flowers in front or two supervisors.

So he called me mad saying I don’t want anyone at work to know were talking what if the supervisors go back and tell our boss. I said “our boss caught me hugging you yesterday and didn’t say a word, I’m pretty sure she has bigger issues then us.”

He said “Still I’m a private person and don’t like people knowing my business”. I said Understood and I think you should focus on work and just do you. I also think you should probably not date someone you work with. That’s the only two options I see. I barely see you know cause we work opposite days. It would be better for you to date someone who you don’t work with and you can see her all the time. “

He didn’t say a word to me.

I’m just tired of having this conversation all the time it’s a headache. I don’t care if people know he got me flowers to ME its not a big deal. I feel people at work could careless that were talking.


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  • I will be honest with you. I am not up for dating coworkers. It never really ends well if it ends. So if I found myself in that position (I highly doubt) I will want to keep it a secret. However, it seems that he wants privacy and you dont which is a conflict so If thats not what you want then maybe you should consider seeing someone else


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  • if he wants you a secret, i'd walk away


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