We call ourselves making it work, but no action is being taken?

My boyfriend and I broke up during Christmas break, we have be friends ever since. Two weeks ago he said it was impossible for us to be friends since he still have feelings for me, even tho he is the one who broke up with me. So we decided to see where things went before making it official, but thing is we don't talk or hang out. I feel like he is always keeping me waiting. He wants me to always text him first. I haven't so we haven't talked in 4 day going on 5. He say how I'm this to him, but I alway feel as if I'm his last option. At this point I don't know what to do.


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  • I would just stop talking to him. Honestly he sounds immature and a waste of your time. He's playing games.

    • Turns out he was dating someone. I hope he treats her right but I doubt it.