Is it reasonable to believe that a lot of females are turned off by a male once the male shows interest? Are some males NOT compatible with females?

So, I'm 41 years old and it's the same old story. Am I just not meant to be in a relationship? I've never had a girlfriend and I can't even get past a couple dates, if I can even get one. Most of the time the female will laugh at my jokes, text me, talk with me for 30 mins at a time but once I show interest, done. She looks at me like I'm a monster walking in the room and never responds to me again. I had a few friends, when I was younger, say that a girl thought I was "scary"? I just don't get it and a day like Valentine's is hard when all these people are in relationships but for the life of me can't even have a girl as a friend. Yeah females will not be friends either, same results for girls that I want to just be friends with. After so long, they're done with me. I feel like the only way to keep from hurting is to not allow myself to get close to a female, even if one comes out of the blue and likes me. This way i can assure I don't feel that pain. Thanks for your opinions.


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  • It's nearly a game: some women often desperately want to know they (still) can get male interest. Once they get it, they reached their aim, they're reassured and don't want more. "I'm not a slut!"

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