So I asked this woman out but?

I managed to build a little courage up last night and asked this young lady out who works In the same building as me. Now it was over Facebook messanger, and kind of out of the blue... and straight up. But she hasn't replied and according to the thing she hasn't even read it yet...

But my question is what should I do next? If she doesn't reply that is? I'm really bad at gaging interest so I'm nervous already...


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  • I think that you should say those things in person, it's better than over text. It normally requires an answer immediately and you'll be able to see, a least a little bit, if she liked it or not. Do it in person next time, including if she doesn't reply.

    • She hasn't booted me from her Facebook either of she has seen it.. so it can't be all bad either way. I'd think

  • Relax brother! If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen! What's the worst that can happen, people learn your interested in women? Don't worry.

    • I'm more worried about losing a fairly cool chick to talk to in the process too. And if I should just leave it or keep trying.

    • Leave it, but if she says yes, go get her.