Help, an asshole broke my heart?

I met a guy a few years ago. We connected immediately and he made me fall for him. Then he told me he wasn't ready for commitment, and I backed up. We had some kind of contact until I wanted to cut it. Then he contacted me again, wanted to meet me. He was talking like we had never ended. We met and he introduced me to his friends, showed me personal stuff, opened up and behaved like a gentleman. Then we met again and he wanted to apologize for how he behaved the year before and started to talk about us getting together and marriage and all kinds of future stuff. We spent a lot of time together that weekend, hugged, kissed and cuddled. After that he was a bit quiet but sweet, then he suddenly called me and was talking really friendly first, but then started to talk with a weird voice, he told me he had never said he could commit to anyone, he told me he wanted to love all girls. I was shocked. I told him he had said completely opposite, and I wondered what this was about? He tried to ask me what I wanted from him, but I just told him to forget about me.

I am broken... even if I didn't show it to him... I never expected anything from him, but all those lies...

Can anyone relate? How to get this empty feeling away?


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  • i can relate, because i am that type guy and unfortunately it's something we cannot control. "he told me he wanted to love all girls" sounds just like me, but he's an absolute idiot for saying that to you. and you're also an absolute idiot because you broke your own heart by getting your hopes up. he told you not once, but twice, IN THE BEGINNING each time that he does not want to commit. this is 100% your fault for feeling this way. he did nothing, and you got your hopes up. guys dont want to date every girl they talk to or make out or even have sex with, you know.

    • I know they dont want to, but I didn't expect anything from him. It was he himself who started talking about that now he is ready to commit to me. And yes, I got my hopes up... I really believed his crying eyes when he begged for my forgiveness and trust. Yup, I might be an idiot for believing it even a little, but he was an idiot talking such things. Why did he do all the effort when he just throw it away like that?

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  • He's a typical jerk that thinks it's okay to play with girls and doesn't seem to be able to commit. He sounds like a child and be happy he told you early enough


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