Why do people cheat?

I never really understood the logic behind cheating. Maybe it's just that I lived with a stigma of being an unwanted child that was a result of cheating, seeing how my own mother and biological father cheated in there lifetime. And mostly growing up in a care of my grandfather without any parental love, causing me to become emotionless loner.

I go on truth life seeing people cheat, make excused as to why they cheated and what not. And I yet to ever understand them. I don't have a problem holding my junk in my pants. But hey, I'm different. Remember I said I'm a loner and as such I live my life by a different code then most people. I stay away from parties and barely have friends. I guess my reasoning for not understanding concept of "cheating" is that I live with un-treated clinical depression which makes my personality a rather fun one. I don't know really. I really don't know why I am the way I am, it's not a bad thing at all. Just seems awkward that I turned out pretty darn normal given how fucked up my childhood and early adulthood was with my parents cheating.


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  • Sorry that you're going through all that you are. Personally, I think people cheat out of pure selfishness. They want to straddle the fence with one person, while hooking up with another. But I also think people cheat out of curiosity - wondering if they can do better than what they already have. I guess again, that applies to selfishness. They have no regard of the person getting hurt - they just act. It's messed up, especially when they conceive and leave the kid growing up and feeling like they did something wrong.


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  • Take it down to a primal level. People have expectations when they get together. When reality doesn't match their expectations they look to other sources. They cheat to find what they are missing in relationships.