Did I sleep with him to soon? And how to fix it if I did?

I'm in college and I've been seeing this guy for about three weeks now. Yesterday was not only his birthday, but also Valentine's day, and we spent the whole day together. He was very sweet and we had a lot of fun, but later that evening we went back to my house to watch a movie.

Of course, things progressed, but instead of stopping before anything happened, we went all the way. I had not intended to do this, and apparently, neither did he. As we were talking afterwards, he implied that he hadn't expected going this far with me.

This shouldn't have bothered me so much, but it did. I had lots of implications that we would soon be in an exclusive relationship, and I told myself that I wouldn't sleep with him until our relationship was defined.

Now it's too late-- but have I really lost my chances of him being my boyfriend because we slept together too soon? Is there anything I can do to remedy the situation? Thank you! :)

P. S He texted me after he left and thanked me for everything, so that's a good sign.


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  • Just because you slept really soon does not mean a relationship can't happen.

    People say don't sleep too soon IN CASE a relationship doesn't happen and then you get your heart broken because you already committed yourself before it was official. Just let him know you really like him but maybe slow it down a little just so you guys can really get to know one another.

  • With my most recent ex, we had sex on the first date, and that ended up being one of my most enjoyable relationships.

    I didn't think less of her at all for having sex that soon, the chemistry was there so we went for it!


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