Help me decipher him?

Hi, I have posted in another board but only got one response, would like to hear more on this please...

I met someone long distance and hit it off pretty well then hit a snag. I decided to do no contact just to keep my distance I hopes of mending things back together. The NC was for 32 days then I decided to try to reconnect with him by asking a question about an interest of his. Within 3 minutes of sending that question, he responded back. I didn't respond back to that. The next afternoon, he responded again and pretty much wrapped it up with a I miss you in a round about way.

I want to know if his normal behavior in responding usually takes an hour to a couple days whereas this time it took him literally 3 minutes to respond, was he just being nice in responding or was he pleasantly surprised that I contacted him?

I'd like to add to my inquiry...
If you say he was pleasantly surprised by me contacting him, what was the give away- the instant response or that he followed up with another response by the next afternoon and ending it with an open door invite if you will?


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  • Which cryptographic Technique do you use? or does he use?
    If you dont know then You can use Cryptanalysis. If using it gives you tension then simply apply bruteforce. You will get result not immediately but definitely.
    In this way you can decipher him..
    All the best.


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