Girls, Was I too violent?

Me and my girlfriend (Adrianna) went to go to SF. While checking out SFSU (we plan on doing a graduate program here), I went to go use the restroom. When coming back, I saw a creepy looking Indian guy (lets call him Raj) touch my gf's boobs. Adrianna was really angry and yelled at him. He then gave her a creepy smile and said "I know you really like me". I then ran up to him and said, "She's MY girlfriend, asshole!" and punched him in the face. He is now threatening to press charges against me, as I knocked his glasses off. THEY STILL WORK. We told a security guard about the incident and he took Raj away. Adrianna is now scared based on how I handled the situation. But, i never laid a hand on her (except for kissing and putting an arm around her). (For the record, I'm Indian, and Adrianna is White. Raj is a recent Indian immigrant who had yet to adapt to America and its liberal policies on sex and relationships, unlike India). Some people who saw me hit him also backed me up, as Raj was a perverted bastard.

Did I handle this too violently? And does Raj have the right to press charges against me?


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  • In the eyes of the law, he has the right to press charges. Technically, you could flick me really hard and I would have the right to press charges. Whether it goes to court or not (or gets thrown out or not) is up to the judge.

    This is a grey area situation. Was your reaction appropriate? Perhaps not. I understand why you reacted the way you did. Could you have accomplished the same thing without hitting him? Probably. Do I get it? Absolutely.

    • What do you think of my girlfriend freaking out?

    • I think it's understandable under the circumstances. She probably feels that you overreacted and now fears your temper.

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  • Nope, I think you handled it well... but yeah he can probably press charges against you

  • Well you said that you didn't lay a hand on him, but he laid a hand on your girl, so I would say you were just the right amount of aggressive

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