What do u say instead of I love u when u feel something amazing but it is too early?

I was sleeping with this guy I have been seeing a handful of times. I felt like a little kid I was like "I like you." I wanted to say more I didn't want to freak him out. He said "I like you too." And I was so happy. Is that dumb? I am over the moon for this guy. I just want to not say much. What do u say before the" I love you" zone

I said I love you and he said it back!!!


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  • "I like you" is great. I'd also be over the moon, if I were in your situation. It's not dumb.


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  • " I want dry anal rape" should do the trick


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  • you mean a lot to me
    i really care about you.
    im so happy when I'm with you.
    there's something about you

    etc. of course these can apply before falling in love too.

    • Do u actually say that? I feel so weird talking around the idea of love. I want to say love but I say live for everything I love it!!! I love that show I love that car I love going to work I love my coworkers I say bye and love you to a bunch of them male and married female male and single. I say love!!! Because my personality is expressive I have great caring and passion for life! For good people. We are having sex I say I love this!! I love it!!! He is a second language English speaker so he is like You love me? And I am like I love THIS what we are doing being with you!!! It feels so amazing!!! I don't want to freak him out saying I love him cause he has been in a bat shit crazy relationship and he might freak if I started to feel too much too soon.

    • Yes?

      Well u have to learn what kind of love ur talking about. if u use the word less, it holds more meaning, and if u really understand the meaning, you feel it a lot more.

      If and when u feel ready, say it. Dont force yourself. Just because he's said it, doesn't mean u have to straight away, and a lot of people understand that. He will too.