2years and we have had a major lack of sex drive. normal? Help pls?

Its been two years now. He have fun together and cook and do everything together. We spend most of our time together. We are best friend. We hang out with other people sometimes but not as often as me and my boyfriend spend time.
For the past two months we have had a lack of sex drive. It makes me worry. We both have full time jobs and we come home after work. Cook together, clean , shower together and watch tv, cuddle & fall A sleep.
Days go by like 7days and we don't have sex. Then one night I got fed up , he was sleeping and I just got him hard an fuckt him. He was sleeping tho. Lol
I brought it up to him and asked him why don't we do it like b4? He said I don't know I just am tired at the end of the day baby.
Normal or what? Guys help me. 2years and sex is every 7 days. He is 30 I'm 23. I don't know if that has anything todo with it..


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  • Have him get his testosterone levels checked and possibly some initial therapy to see what might be bothering him. If he cares about you he should be willing to try something.


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