Girl ask to meet for coffee. Make a move?

Randomly I commented on a girl I know from high school's Facebook post and from there we got to talking. I haven't seen her in years or spoken to her in years as well. In HS, we weren't close. We talked here or there. So she asked to meet for coffee to my surprise. I'm gonna make a move because why not right? I just wanna know if you think I will be succussful. Is this more than a catch up with a friend type thing?


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  • Yeah, um, I think it would be kinda stupid to make a move on her so quickly. I mean there is a good chance she just wants to meet to catch up with someone from high school, and for all you know you two might not even hit it off that well so why are you already planning to make a move on her before the meet up?

    Basically if you find that you're getting on well then sure, ask her on a proper date and see where things go. But if you just jump straight in there within an hour of seeing her for the first time in years, she may get a little creeped out.


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  • Maybe don't make a move the first time you meet. May be too forward. If you hit it off really well, maybe. I think set up an actual date if things go well, and then make a move.