Kissing and spooning a new guy friend?

I've recently moved to a new city and I've made some friends at work. Last night we went to a bar and it wad fun until i decided that shots would be a good idea. there's this one guy who is kinda quiet and never really paid me much attention before so i decided to get to know him a bit better as a friend. We ended up having lots of shots and chatting. I was really drunk so he walked me home, he kissed me a few times but he was also drunk. He stayed over in my bed, he didn't try anything but we cuddled like lovers even when we both woke up in the morning. he's such a good cuddler! I havnt decided if i like him yet. Im not sure what to do now. Is there anyway this sort of thing would be platonic or does he like me?
Kissing and spooning a new guy friend?
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