I found out the girl I like likes to party?

I really like this girl who goes to another school, but barely get to see her because she lives 30 mins away and is only in town whe visiting her best friend (whom I am also friends with). We've hung out a few times in a group setting, and really hit it off, but I haven't seen her in about a month now. I was planning on asking her out the next time I see her, but hae heard from a few people I know that she likes to party quite a bit, and am worried as I'm not into that type of stuff, and just don't like party girls in general. When we've been together, she's been great and seems really cool and we seemed to have a connection, but I'm concerned she's an entirely different person ith people from her school. Should I still ask her to go out the next time I see her, or not?


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  • She might not like to really party hard. She most likely likes to be at parties because she is an extrovert and enjoys being around a lot of people


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