Is this bad feeling with relationships a gut feelings or just nerves?

I've had two relationships I've ended extremely early in because it gets to the point that thinking about physical contact or talking to them makes me want to throw up. It's like I want to avoid them and don't want them to text or be near me. When the pressure of a relationship is over i feel fine to continue the friendship but it's happened twice now. Is this nerves or a gut feeling that I should follow and take as a warnng? Isn't love supposed to feel right? Could I be a lesbian or something? I'm just so confused please help.


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  • I'm a lot like this. I think it's just nerves. I read online once that there's some sort of disorder regarding touching. Can't remember what exactly it was called, but I know how you feel. I would tell your partner how you feel, and maybe they'll make things easier for you.