How do I get the guy from work?

There's this guy at work and we flirt here and there. He's not shy but he's hard to get to open up. Like we have our moments when we talk a lot and laugh and stuff but he's not super talkative. He does small favors for me like help me bag groceries and he offers to do some of the harder tasks so I don't have to do them (we work at a grocery store). I catch him staring at me. He messaged me online last night which really surprised me and he said "hey." So I messaged back and said "hey." He read it and didn't respond. I don't know what to do about it because I just want him but he's moving really slow and he's hard to read..


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  • Is it Dylan who didn't read your text from before or someone else this time?

    • It's the same guy.. I guess I just didn't get what I wanted to hear from the people who answered the last question

    • Why not text him that you saw him checking you out and ask what he thought of you when he does it again? Then maybe playing off that for starters.

    • Okay thanks!

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