How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Forgive Me? Please Help Me?

To try to make this short, I did something I really regret. Yesterday was Valentines Day and my boyfriend went all out trying to surprise me with stuff. He's into photography so he set us up a photo shoot with props, bought me a camera so we can Skype (he stays 2 hours from me) got me a big valentines day card and got me a cup that says "Life is better with you in it" and he put a candle on the inside and drilled holes in the cup (in the shape of a heart) so when I light the candle then the light will outline a heart on the wall!! We have our ups and downs all the time but he's the best. Well, while he was setting up something for my next surprise, his phone was on the table. And I've NEVER went through his phone before, but for some reason I picked it up. I was being nosey and I really regret it. He's so mad at me, I read a text from this one girl and read into it too much and made it more than what it was. He was pissed at me last night and today. But we hung out today and played video games and I tried not to bring up last night, cause I kept bugging him with questions last night. I tried to forget about it and just let it go. But he was still mad, which made me mad. And today was his last day here. Now he's back to his normal routine which is work. I felt and still feel terrible! I apologized and told him that I would make it up to him and never do that again. I trust him, I was just being nosey. He thinks I'm insecure about our relationship and feels like he did all this stuff for nothing this weekend. And I really don't want him to think that. We've been together almost 3 years. This is my first time ever doing this and I just want him to forgive me but don't know what to do. He said for now he just wants his space and that he doesn't know when he'll be back to visit, if he visits. Last night and today he was mad but every now and then I'd get a smile or laugh out of him and he'd go back to being kind of distant, not touching me or anything. What can I do?


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  • i honestly think there is nothing worse in a relationship than invading your partner's privacy, i would sooner forget my SO cheating on me than nosing around my private stuff, however if he's open to laugh and smile perhaps you can still repair the relationship, you're going to have to trust him, give him his space, remind him how much you love him and he'll eventually come around, but you must NEVER invade his privacy again

    • Yeah I already told him that I would never do it again unless he let me go on his phone. I think it can be fixed too. He was sending me mixed signals and I just wish I was never curious :/

    • in my experience when the your SO is open to laugh or smile around while at same time acting all distant and cold, they already forgave you, they're just trying to make their point
      i'll admit is a really a dick thing to do, but it does serve it's purpose, and you can't really be mad at it because you know what you did was wrong, i have done it and girls have done it to me, it always works for the best because you both learn limits, at least that's my experience

    • Yeah, I totally agree. I know he's just trying to get me to understand what I did is wrong. I just have to take what he's doing for now until he's ready to talk. I don't know what I was thinking to go and do that and thank you for your honesty! I really appreciate it!

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  • Breatheme19 cheated on me. But one reason why she left me was because she thought I cheated on her when I didn't. I hate her.

    • I'm sorry to hear that :/ but girls are like that sometimes. In my case I was just being my nosey self and it backfired! But in your case, I think she was just feeling guilty and that's why she did that.

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