Guys, If you set up a date with a girl a week in advance and have texted for about 3 weeks everyday would you wait to text to confirm date?

I met a guy online and we have been messaging for about 3 weeks everyday and we finally discussed meeting in person next week. We didn't completely confirm plans like where exactly and time but he suggested the day and what we do (dinner and movie) and i said sure sounds good :) He never replied back yet, so im getting anxious that he could completely flake out and not ever text me back. What are the odds he will text me back and is just waiting to confirm plans later in the week? Just feels weird now since we have texted every single day and now suddenly the stop but i could see where he is coming from since it would be strange to keep talking nonsense since we finally set up a date.


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  • I guess reconfirm the date before the day and see what he says. I hope he doesn't flake on you.

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