Guys, random contact with guy I hooked up with?

i was chatting with this guy on bumble, and we ended up meeting out one night, having a few drinks, and we ended up hooking up. it wasn't necessarily my intention, but it happened.

based on how little we knew about each other and typical dude patterns, i figured a.) it would amount to a one night thing, or b.) he would booty call me later.

so 2 days after this, mid-afternoon he texted with a random funny reference to the weekend, we went back and forth a few times. the next day i sent him a link to a youtube video and his response didn't really warrant anything back. so four days go by, and he texts me again this morning asking how i am, we have a short conversation, he tells me he's been swamped at work.

i just don't get it. he hasn't asked me out again, but he just starts these random, short, essentially meaningless conversations. what's his objective here?


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  • could be nothing. You're a source of entertainment. Or he may be keeping the connection with the intent of a booty call later. Or he may be letting you know he is interested in seeing how things progress, but in Bumble fashion, is letting the woman make the first move. Best way to find out, is to ask him. Communication is the key.

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