New boyfriend offered to take me shopping for a designer handbag on our 3rd date. Weird or not?

Meet for our 3d date and he spontaneously suggested we go shopping so he could buy me a designer handbag... I refused and felt kind of embarrassed and shocked by his offer although it was extremely generous it felt inappropriate. I said thank you but I didn't want him to do that or feel he needed to be buying me stuff.. He seemed surprised I said no.
We're both divorced mature adults.
Is his generosity not a bit extreme when we've only just started dating two weeks ago?


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  • i'm confused... what's a third date?

    • The 3d time we had gone on a date together...

    • lol thats me being annoying... since i have sex on the first date or move on i would presumably not know what a second or third date is

  • I think it's weird to buy you expensive gifts so early on


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