How do I tell him?

How do I tell him? So, I have a horomonal problem that causes me to grow thick dark hair. I shave legs/face/chest area, and cover up the rest. (I dont go swimming, etc) Im taking BC pills but they dont do much, and laser costs a lot, so it will be awhile till I can do it. Anywho, the problem. My friend introduced me to a guy, and weve been talking for awhile (3+ mo.) we hit it off, and we've both expressed intrest in eachother, but were thinking things over since were long distance. (Please dont tell me long distance doesn't work. I dont care what you think about LDR's.) He's said he's thinking of coming over to where I live soon to see me/our friend, but im scared he'll be disgusted when finding out about my horomonal problem. So, to lessen his dissapointment, I want to tell him. I know he would find out eventually, and the sooner the better. Im not entirely sure how to go about it though. TL;DR: I have a horomonal problem that causes me to grow thick dark hair, and im not sure how to break it to the person im inerested in.

My personality seems bad to you because my initaial reaction was rude. Do you really think im going to be kind when you give a negative opinion on something i asked people not to give their opinion on? Hell no.
Oh, and, "a real lady"? I dont care if im lady like. Its 2016. I shouldn't be held to a certain standard just because im a woman.


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  • are you sure you aren't just going through puberty?

    • Yes, im very sure. This has happened since i was a young child and i get this hair everywhere. I've gone to the doctors numerous times, and theyve said i have a problem with my hormones.

    • bruh, do you have warefolfism?

    • Please dont joke about this. Its a problem I've had for awhile and has caused me many selfisteem issues.

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  • I'm not going to say I totally understand how you feel because I'm not quite as hairy as you say you are but I do grow thick dark hair on my jawline and stomach and etc; places where we're made to feel ashamed and abnormal. So I know where you're coming from in that respect.
    In my opinion, you don't actually need to tell him anything until your relationship is getting quite serious, if at all. The last man I was with saw me naked on a very regular basis and I just kept myself groomed. The subject didn't come up at all until more than a year in when he said to me in the car "you know, hair doesn't bother me, hair anywhere." I stayed quiet, it never came up again but I knew I was accepted and loved for who I was.
    Basically, if the guy is with you a lot, he'll figure it out on his own. If he's a good guy and he really cares about you, it won't be an issue. If you feel you need to tell him though, I'd wait until things were more serious.

  • So the REASON LDR don't work is because of things like this. He's never seen you and you are selfcoscious about your looks (specifically your hair). There should be no need to "break it to him." You should have Skyped each other a while back. Usually based on the type of hair and features a girl has a guy can guess that a girl has substantial body hair. (The same applies to guys, by the way.) Holding off and prolonging the first visual exchange creates unnecessarily stressful situations like these, which is one of the main reasons (besides the fact that he could be doing the same thing with countless other women) that LDRs don't work...

    • Wow. A real lady. I see it's your hair you should worry he won't like, not your stellar personality. Good luck.

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