How do I tell him?

So, I have a horomonal problem that causes me to grow thick dark hair. I shave legs/face/chest area, and cover up the rest. (I dont go swimming, etc)
Im taking BC pills but they dont do much, and laser costs a lot, so it will be awhile till I can do it.

Anywho, the problem.
My friend introduced me to a guy, and weve been talking for some montgs now. We hit it off, and we've both expressed interest in eachother, but were thinking things over since were long distance. (Please dont tell me long distance doesn't work. I dont care what you think about LDR's.)

He's said he's thinking of coming over to where I live soon to see me/our friend, but im scared he'll be disgusted when finding out about my horomonal problem. So, to lessen the blow, I want to tell him. I know he would find out eventually, and the sooner the better. Im not entirely sure how to go about it though.

TL;DR: I have a horomonal problem that causes me to grow thick dark hair all over my body, and im not sure how to break it to the person im inerested in.

Yes, we have skyped. We Skype quite often.
No, im not joking.
Yes, it is a horomonal problem. Im not going through puberty.
Yes, im a woman.


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  • This must be hard to deal with when you're 14, and I hope it gets better. The reality is that at 14 he shouldn't be seeing any parts of your body that anyone else wouldn't see. He doesn't need to know anything. By the time this becomes a real issue, you may have it under control. Could you tell me a little more about this hormonal problem, like the name of the syndrome?

    • Yeah, it just sucks because i can't enjoy swimming and the likes anymore. (Trust me, i don't plan to get intimate for awhile) The doctors I've had never actually concretely identified me with anything, just that my hormones are imbalanced. However, my current doctor thinks it may be PCOS.

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    • Ah, i live in Canada so visiting there might be a bit tough haha. But, thank you for the help! Ill try to find any places close to me :)

    • Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I don't know the medical scene in Canada. Good luck!

  • Do you have Hypertrichosis?

    • Hirsutism?

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    • Like my profile says, 14, turning 15 in about a month. To answer your question, no.

    • Hmmmm... Interesting.

  • If you're a woman, have you been one your whole life?


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