Does my boyfriend still like his ex?

Okay so, I am kind of worried that my boyfriend might like his ex.

They dated for a short period of time. I technically wouldn't call it a "relationship" since nothing really happened between them and she also goes to a different school so they never seen each other and they dated last June. He is a really nice guy & I think they are still friends.

She likes all of his pictures on Instagram, but he only liked one of hers. On a younger picture of him she commented "aw💞" & he just said thanks.

She comments under a lot of his pictures and he just says thanks. But he doesn't comment under hers & he never likes her pictures. But like I said he just liked one. He still follows her on Instagram and she still follows him but then again he follows everyone who follows him.

Does he still like her? I am just curious. Bc I do not want to be cheated on by anyone. And I kind of try to avoid being cheated and I look for signs so I know when someone is cheating on me.

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  • He doesn't like her